My name is Joel Zachariah, and I work as a Writer & Narrative Designer. I don’t have a formal education in this field and most of my experience lies within unshipped indie titles. I didn’t decide this was where I wanted to be from an ever-growing passion for gaming (don’t get me wrong, I live to game). It happened on an evening in 2013 when I completed playing a cult classic point-and-click game called  I have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. For people not familiar with the premise of the game , the story happens in the extreme future where humans are destroyed by an evil computer called AM, except for five people, whom he has been keeping alive and torturing for the past 109 years. The game was controversial when it came out because it explicitly dealt with themes such as sex, rape, paranoia and genocide. It wasn’t some kind of fetish I had for these themes that piqued my interest in the game ; it was how well the developers had managed to create a living and breathing world where choices you make were a part and parcel of its underlying theme, that humans were better than machines. I like to call that moment an epiphany (yes, it does make it seem a bit corny) , but that’s when I ultimately realized there is no better medium to convey a story than a video game.

As I’ve mentioned before , my time in this industry has relatively been brief. One project that I’m proud being a part of is ‘Dear Charlotte Episode 1’ by Method to Madness Studios. I worked as the narrative designer for the project and worked closely with the lead designer in developing its plot and premise, and authored the game’s script. I am also a Co-Founder of the studio. I spend most of my time nowadays working as a freelance content writer and investigating every possible loot in the Souls series.

My blog is more of a pet project and it covers my professional and personal work , varying from game reviews (even movie and music) to pieces of Fiction. Feel free to contact me at the email provided below if you feel I would be a good fit for your team, or even if it is for a friendly chat.

Email : joel(dot)zach20(at)gmail(dot)com